There are two stages to providing garden concept drawings. The initial stage involves taking time to understand our client’s brief and providing various solutions to ensure all your specific garden design requirements are met.

Our clients often have design prerequisites, whether it be convenient access or the preservation of a protected tree, and we are tirelessly committed to working closely with you, sharing our knowledge and experience, to create your dream garden.

The second stage involves incorporating your requirements within a given space to create bespoke concept plans that offer different ways of achieving the desired outcome. This creative process is grounded by a technical understanding of hard and soft landscaping. The unique concepts we produce can be adapted and changed as required during this early phase.

Our ambition is to design beautiful gardens that make the most of the available space and cater for all of your requirements without exception. When creating each concept, we are mindful of the environment and the heritage of every garden and include these considerations in our designs wherever possible.