HG Landscapes has vast experience carrying out garden surveys in outdoor spaces of all sizes, accurately measuring sites to provide the calculations for detailed CAD (computer aided design) plans and garden designs to be drawn from.

Site surveys are at the root of planning any garden concept, since all designs must accommodate the existing footprint and be sympathetic to current site conditions. The shape of the site often presents challenges, and our surveys are accurately taken to help find creative solutions that maximise your space and work within the existing surroundings.

A level survey can be carried out to establish a datum point and plot relative heights. This is a key factor in understanding the site and its unique conditions. Existing levels should always be considered in any garden design proposals and working with these is often an important element in any successful project.

We have experience working with, and sometimes against existing levels, to create your desired landscape – which typically involve excavations that carry their own implications. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to any challenges, while being mindful of cost considerations and the environment.

Topographical surveys can also be carried out and applied to the initial site survey layout drawing.