Climbers are an ideal solution for softening hard landscape features and creating another layer of interest in your garden. Flowering climbing plants are always on show and easily accessible if properly specified and installed.

To help climbers become upwardly mobile, HG Landscapes frequently use specialist 1.6mm galvanised tension wire fixed to 75mm vine eyes and M6 barrel strainers to create an immaculate and durable frame.

Climbers such as Trachelospermum Jasminoides, which have become a mainstay in London gardens, particularly appreciate these wired frames – while other species, including Solanum Jasminoides (potato vine), Muehlenbeckia (maidenhair), Stautonia, Wisteria and Clematis (leather flower) in its endless varieties, will also thrive.

We can provide advice on planting strategies and after care maintenance for climbers.