HG Landscapes are specialists in installing perfectly flat garden lawns. We use premium grade turf and best-in-practice laying techniques to create finishes that will attract envious glances from your neighbours.

The first stage of garden turfing involves installing an appropriate edging material. We work closely with Everedge and typically use their metal edging products for our garden lawns. We can also create bespoke edging using treated timber, sawn Yorkstone, tumbled mint sandstone setts, and a range of other materials.

Rotovating the existing soil is carried out to remove all unwanted organic material and large stones, which can create divots and uneven areas, to form a more level lawn surface.

We compact the soil by foot in a process known as ‘birdsfooting’ that ensures the soil will not sink but prevents over-compaction. Finally, we use a sandy top soil that allows us to screed the finish level of the lawn perfectly flat to create a bowling green finish.

Lawn irrigation is advised and we can offer advice on a range of solutions to water any lawn.